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As a property owner, you know that keeping appliances like HVACs, furnaces, and air conditioners operational is critical for indoor comfort. When furnace issues arise, property owners deserve to work with a furnace repair company they can trust.

At Furnace Fellas, we understand the importance of quality, dependable appliance repair. When it comes to comprehensive utility services like HVAC, air conditioner, and furnace repair, Calgary residents know they can call our team day or night.

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furnace repair
Like many property owners, you may feel reluctant about hiring professional repair services. Unless your furnace has completely stopped working, you may not feel there is a need to spend extra for diagnostics or minor repairs. However, furnaces usually show problems in a variety of ways before they completely break down. By knowing these signals, you can save yourself the time, stress, and high costs associated with emergency furnace repair service calls.
furnace repair

Take a look below at our list of warning signs you’re experiencing furnace problems.

High Utility Bills

One often-overlooked sign of furnace issues comes in the form of high utility bills.
Manufacturers design today’s furnaces to be energy-efficient, compact, and powerful. When a furnace malfunctions, energy efficiency features may fail.

In most cases, utility bills will rise gradually over time, going unnoticed by property owners until they reach excessive levels. In these cases, working with expert technicians can help you correctly diagnose underlying problems and repair your furnace system as necessary.

Uneven Heating

If your furnace doesn’t heat your indoor spaces evenly and completely, you may need furnace repairs.

In some cases, thermostat settings may not be communicated to the furnace. In others, the furnace fan may malfunction. Whatever the cause of uneven heating, working with trained professionals provides prompt diagnostics and repair.

High Humidity

Manufacturers and service professionals design and install HVAC and furnace systems to provide ideal indoor climates. However, when humidity levels get too high, heating and cooling your home or business presents a challenge even for the most efficient systems.

If your home or business has sudden changes in humidity, broken ductwork or damaged intake fans could be to blame. Schedule a diagnostic appointment with Furnace Fellas if you notice higher-than-normal humidity in your indoor spaces.

Rattling And Other Noises

Another sure sign of furnace problems manifests in the form of unusual noises. If your furnace sounds louder than usual, makes rattling or clanking noises, or sounds unnaturally quiet, it’s time to call professionals for diagnostics and repairs.

Bad Smells

Sometimes, a furnace may begin to give off bad smells. This signals an issue with air ducts or gas lines in most situations. If you notice gas smells in your home or business, turn off your furnace if possible and call for emergency furnace services in Calgary, AB, as soon as possible.


Furnaces turn on and off at regular intervals to reach and maintain desired temperatures. If you notice your furnace turning on and off frequently, you may have an issue with your thermostat.

Our team at Furnace Fellas can properly diagnose thermostat-related issues and replace necessary equipment, often in a single visit. To learn more about scheduling your service call, reach out to our friendly staff at your earliest convenience.

Furnace Blower Stays On Constantly

If your furnace fan or blower doesn’t turn off, you must schedule HVAC services at your earliest convenience. To save on utility costs, turn off power to your furnace through the breaker if necessary.

A constantly running fan or blower indicates communication issues between your furnace’s thermostat and the machine itself. HVAC technicians can determine which parts are malfunctioning and provide timely repairs and furnace installation services.

Furnace Blows Cold Air

Cold air coming from your home or business’ furnace indicates your system may not be heating. Lack of heat could result from failed thermostats, malfunctioning heating elements, damaged cycle timers, and other elements.

If your furnace doesn’t blow hot air, you need a furnace repair fast. At Furnace Fellas, we provide routine and emergency furnace repairs, including thermostat diagnostics and replacements, heating element replacements, and more.

Furnace Won't Turn On

You may have serious furnace problems if your heating system doesn’t turn on. HVAC technicians can determine if your power issue stems from a complete furnace meltdown or minor problems, such as a blown fuse.

In the event your furnace fails entirely, a furnace company like Furnace Fellas can help with a furnace replacement.

Whether you need basic repairs or a brand new furnace, you deserve the peace of mind that comes with working with professionals. Skip DIY installation and repairs by scheduling your consultation with Furnace Fellas today.

furnace repair
Many property owners hesitate to hire professional furnace service companies,citing budget concerns. However, neglecting a furnace tune-up can turn a high-efficiency furnace into a high-priced nightmare. Working with trained furnace professionals offers benefits such as:
  • Product warranties
  • Service guarantees
  • New system recommendations
  • Fast diagnostics
  • Streamlined repairs
  • Full-service HVAC system and furnace installation
  • Obligation-free quotes
  • And more
Ultimately, working closely with expert technicians like those you’ll find at Furnace Fellas helps save you time, money, and stress on new and old furnaces.
If you frequently need furnace repair in Calgary, you may be wondering what you can do to cut down on furnace service costs. Fortunately, residential and commercial property owners can take a number of steps to reduce their service costs and prevent the need for a new furnace.

Replacing Filters as Necessary

One of the most essential furnace maintenance procedures involves changing the filter at regular intervals.

Filters absorb dust and other organic matter from the air. This debris then builds up on the filter’s netting or fibers, gradually reducing the airflow through the filter itself. Replacing your furnace filters allows proper airflow in and out of your furnace, keeping it running at peak efficiency for longer.

Prompt Repairs

When you notice something off about your heat system, avoid putting off repairs. By addressing any malfunctions, noises, or other issues as soon as possible, you prevent a small problem from becoming an expensive emergency.

Regular Maintenance and Inspections

Another great way to protect your furnace and keep it running better, longer, involves keeping up with regular inspections.

Like plumbing, HVAC systems, and other critical residential and commercial appliances, annual inspections help you and your chosen technicians get eyes on gradually forming problems.

furnace repair
furnace repair

Even the most well-maintained furnaces have issues from time to time. If your residential or commercial furnace breaks down, you need access to fast, affordable emergency furnace services.

Fortunately, our team at Furnace Fellas has you covered. We offer 24/7 emergency furnace repairs and other services in Calgary and the surrounding area. By choosing us for your emergency furnace needs, you’ll receive courteous customer service, up-front pricing, risk-free estimates, and more.

If your furnace issues are beyond repair, our company also provides high-quality furnace installation.

Are you tired of paying for furnace repairs? It may be time to update your old or worn-out furnace with a new, energy-efficient model.

At Furnace Fellas, we go beyond essential installation services. We provide expert guidance to help you get the right furnace for your residential or commercial square footage. Our service guarantees and product warranties help you rest easy knowing your appliances are backed by the best furnace company around.

Find Expert Furnace Repair Services in Calgary

Owning property presents a number of challenges every day, but having a working, dependable furnace doesn’t have to be one of them. By working with an experienced furnace maintenance and repair service, you can keep your residential or commercial spaces comfortable year-round.

If you need furnace repair in Calgary, don’t wait. Call Furnace Fellas at (403) 899-0982 to schedule your consultation now.


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