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Are you in need of professional HVAC service in Calgary? Get in touch with the experts we have at Furnace Fellas and enjoy reliable service that delivers unmatched results anywhere in Calgary.

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Quality HVAC in Calgary

Does your home’s air conditioning need repair? Perhaps you are looking to replace your heater with a more efficient model? Whatever heating and cooling service you require, having access to a professional HVAC company in Calgary is essential.

Fortunately, Calgary residents can rely on us for all their HVAC servicing and air quality needs. Furnace Fellas employs a team of experts ready to dedicate their skills and experience to offering quality Calgary heating and cooling service.

You can expect nothing but exceptional craftsmanship, professionalism, and great service when you work with us.

Get in touch with us today to schedule your service, and let us provide your Calgary home with all the heating and cooling comforts you desire.

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Our Calgary HVAC Services

Few things are more frustrating than having one company handle your home’s heating and another work on its cooling or plumbing.

At Furnace Fellas, we provide a comprehensive range of service options, creating a one-stop shop for all your HVAC system and air quality needs. Here are some of the Calgary heating and cooling services we offer.


Call us today if you need any of the following heating services in Calgary:

Furnace Installation

Turning to a professional for new furnace installation service ensures that your heating system remains in top condition. On top of that, with our experts ensuring they complete the installation correctly, you can avoid unnecessary future repairs. At Furnace Fellas, we handle all your new furnace installation and furnace replacement needs. We even help you choose the right heating system for your Calgary home, ensuring energy efficiency.

Furnace Repair
As efficient as your furnace might be, breakdowns and malfunctions are unavoidable. Fortunately, we can provide prompt heating repair services whenever you need them. Our certified and licensed heating experts have the skills to diagnose your furnace’s issue and offer lasting solutions to keep it running smoothly
Furnace Maintenance

Opting for routine maintenance is one of the best ways to increase your heating unit’s efficiency.Furnace Fellas can offer regular maintenance service to help your system operate optimally, deliver consistent efficiency, and attain a longer life span.

Thanks to our air conditioning services, Calgary residents can effectively stay comfortable no matter how hot it gets. Here are some of the air conditioning services we happily provide:
Air Conditioner Installation

Choosing the right company for your Calgary home’s air conditioner installation is vital.At Furnace Fellas, we not only have the training, certifications, and experience needed to install cooling systems. We also offer 100% satisfaction guarantees on all our new HVAC system installations.

Air Conditioner Repair
Is your unit not working properly? Is it making strange noises every time you start it? Get in touch with us, and let us offer the professional repair service you need to return your cooling system to its optimal functionality and ensure high air quality. Whatever issue your air conditioning is experiencing, our team will determine the root cause and promptly implement effective, long-lasting solutions.
Air Conditioner Maintenance

Furnace Fellas also provides reliable AC maintenance services in Calgary that will enhance your unit’s efficiency and help you avoid costly malfunctions. Our tune-ups can also help your air conditioning system last longer.

Speak with us today to schedule your AC maintenance.

Water Heaters vs. Hot Water Tank

When installing a new heater, one of the decisions many homeowners struggle with is which type of heater to pick. Should you choose between a tankless water heater or a traditional hot water tank? Here’s a comparison to help you decide:

While the tankless water heater is the costlier of the two, it offers several advantages, including:
  • Lower energy costs
  • As much hot water as you want
  • Government rebates
  • Durable
  • Minimal chance of flooding, should it malfunction
Hot water tanks also offer several advantages, such as:
  • Lower purchase costs
  • Less demanding maintenance
  • Streamlined installation

Our experts recommend opting for a hot water tank if you have a limited budget, have few people living with you, or don’t plan on staying in your current home for long.
Backed by our specialized expertise, we can help guide you through these and more installation concerns. Our certified technicians will ensure they fit your Calgary home with a heater that suits your budget and needs.Call us today for excellent service.

Certain plumbing issues require prompt resolution. This is why Furnace Fellas offers emergency repairs in Calgary. We provide you with a team always on hand to answer your distress call, no matter the time of day.

  • Lack of running water: Our team will assess the situation, determine the root cause, and provide immediate solutions.
  • Overflowing toilet: We know how inconvenient an overflowing toilet is and work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
  • Blocked drains: Our plumbers will inspect your drains and utilize innovative and effective ways to remove the blockage and remedy the situation.
  • Burst pipes: Are you dealing with a burst pipe? Switch off the water main, then get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Certain plumbing issues require prompt resolution. This is why Furnace Fellas offers emergency repairs in Calgary. We provide you with a team always on hand to answer your distress call, no matter the time of day.

Emergency Plumbing Repair Service

On top of providing quality HVAC in Calgary, we also offer professional plumbing services that promise to address all your plumbing needs. Reach out to us today to enjoy quality:


Specialized Knowledge and Expertise

At Furnace Fellas, we work with the very best. All our HVAC technicians and plumbers have acquired the training and certification needed to offer reliable service and quality work.


All our clients enjoy up to 10-year warranties on labour and selected products. Should an issue resurface or a replacement part malfunction, we can resolve the problem at no additional cost.Reach out to us to learn more about the warranties we offer.


We continuously work to remain an HVAC company our clients can trust. Our team understands how special your home is to you and strives to deliver quality service on every job.

Customer Satisfaction

We pride ourselves in providing quality heating and cooling services that deliver unmatched results. Each of our comprehensive services comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Our team never considers the work complete until you’re satisfied.


Safe & Secure

We are aware of the various safety risks some HVAC services carry. As such, we always practice the latest industry safety standards, ensuring we protect you and your family from injuries and your property from damage.If that wasn’t enough, we also conduct extensive background checks on our employees to ease any worries a home owner might have about opening their Calgary, AB, home to us.


We pride ourselves in providing quality heating and cooling services that deliver unmatched results. Each of our comprehensive services comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Our team never considers the work complete until you’re satisfied.


Comprehensive Service

Are you in need of heating repair or furnace replacement? Would you like a professional to assess your cooling unit’s air filter?Thanks to our comprehensive service, we can meet all your heating and air conditioning needs.

Exceptional Customer Service

From the moment you call us to the moment we complete the project, you can expect nothing but the very best customer service. When you contact us, our friendly team will be ready to answer all your concerns. They will work with you to schedule the HVAC service you need at your most convenient time. Upon reaching your home, our technicians will assess the situation, present you with all possible heating and cooling solutions, and guide you on the ideal option for you.
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Many homeowners tend to ignore their home’s air conditioners and HVAC systems, often putting off professional services until their units break down.

At Furnace Fellas, we dedicate our expertise to providing homeowners with the comprehensive service they need to continue enjoying their homes’ comforts.

Whether your heater needs repair or you need a new air conditioner, our team has the expertise necessary to address your heating and cooling needs.

Make us your go-to provider of Calgary HVAC service. Call Furnace Fellas today at (403) 880 – 0797 to learn more about the quality residential and commercial HVAC services we offer in the Calgary area.

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