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Air Conditioning Installation in Calgary

At Furnace Fellas, our technicians are well-acquainted with the quality of life improvements air conditioners, heaters, and HVAC systems bring, so we pride ourselves on being the leading air conditioning repair and installation service in Calgary. According to StatsCan, the demand for air conditioning installation in Calgary began skyrocketing in 2017, with the province reporting a 24% increase in summer energy usage. We install every type of AC unit, and our technicians serve clients in the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors to five-star ratings on independent websites and review apps.

Furnace Fellas is out to prove that high-quality air conditioning installation in Calgary does not need to cost an arm and a leg. We serve customers who bought air conditioning units off store shelves with no time or technical expertise to install them and clients who need recommendations about what air conditioner size, model, and horsepower will work best for their rooms.

AC Installation

Signs You Need Help from AC Installation Experts

A properly installed and well-maintained AC system is essential for home comfort and customer care. It reduces humidity, allowing your interior brickwork, floors, cabinetry, and paintwork to remain free from mould and mildew. It also uses multi-stage air filtration systems to eliminate allergens, pollutants, and other harmful airborne elements that could trigger asthma attacks and bacterial infections.

Most AC systems feature hundreds of electrical components, like room sensors, automated thermostats, and Wi-Fi chips, which DIY installers might break if they’re not careful. Here are a few signs you need help from HVAC professionals.

You Want to Minimise the Cost of Mistakes

If you run a business, hiring professionals to install your ductwork, cooling units, and insulation is non-negotiable, as the cost of mistakes can total tens of thousands of dollars in repairs, weeks of operational downtime, and safety issues for your customers and employees. Our residential clients love our 10-year warranty on parts and services, which we extend as a personal sign of confidence in our products and abilities.

You’re Wary of Electrical Failures and Safety Issues

Air conditioning installation in Calgary can be dangerous for inexperienced crews and DIYers. At Furnace Fellas, we train our technicians regularly and invest thousands of dollars in professional equipment to keep our workers safe and our customers happy. We also provide our workers with insurance policies, so you are never liable for any untoward incident at a job site.

You Want the Best Energy Efficiency

Broken window sealing, poor insulation, and improper vent placement could handicap the performance of an expensive air conditioner with a high SEER rating. Professional installation can help you avoid skyrocketing utility expenses, uneven cooling of your indoor spaces, and premature wear and tear of your air conditioning units.
AC Installation
AC Installation

Should You Hire a Professional Crew to Install an Air Conditioner?

Every year, we answer hundreds of enquiries and go on many home visits to DIY installers who realised they bit off more than they could chew a little too late. Hiring a professional installation crew might require a more sizeable upfront investment than asking some of your tech-savvy friends for help, but it can save you from the following problems:
  • Refrigerant leaks from an undercharged, overcharged, or damaged tank
  • Requiring maintenance more often as air conditioning coils suck up more debris from improper placement
  • Premature wearing out of fan controls and compressors, which an inverter system needs to modulate power efficiently
  • Sensor problems from the misalignment of the evaporator coil and the thermostat sensor
  • Water leakage from drainage problems
We also offer assistance for people who want to qualify for the Canada Greener Homes Grant rebate programme by optimising the efficiency of their AC units.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Air Conditioning Installation in Calgary?

Better Efficiency

Our technicians will offer to put you on a tune-up and maintenance schedule after installation, which will help your conditioner have better all-season performance.

Improved Comfort

We will ensure your AC system cools your entire living or commercial space while expending as little power as possible.

Longer Lifespan

HVAC systems installed by licenced professionals generally require less maintenance, replacement of parts, and repairs.

Improved Air Quality

HVAC systems installed by licenced professionals generally require less maintenance, replacement of parts, and repairs.
AC Installation

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Our Calgary air conditioning team at Furnace Fellas has over 500 satisfied customers with 10-year parts and labour warranties on tune-ups, repair, and installation jobs. We would love for you to be our latest. Call us today at (403) 899-0982 and get a free consultation with one of our licensed technicians.


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