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    Comfort Club

Professional HVAC/Plumbing Maintenance Plans

At Furnace Fellas, we provide first-rate maintenance plans. At Furnace Fellas, we believe that the number one cause of damage to your home HVAC and plumbing system is the lack of continuous maintenance. Through our maintenance plans, we can astronomically decrease the chances of you and your home experiencing a massive system failure, resulting in untold damages and costs. See below for some of the benefits of joining the Comfort Club.

Like the name suggests our goal for Comfort Club members is to keep them comfortable. By performing regularly scheduled maintenance on your home plumbing, heating, and cooling systems. As a Comfort Club member we will be very informed about your home's maintenance needs, should the need arise for maintenance you can expect a much quicker response and repair as our technician will be familiar with your home's needs. The inspections and maintenance we will perform are all recommended by the manufacturers of your home's systems. With our depth of knowledge, we can perform this recommended maintenance while fixing any issues that might arise. This upkeep will help keep you away from any high unexpected costs related to your home HVAC and plumbing system.


  • Longer life for all maintained systems
  • Efficient use of energy, keep your bill low
  • Insured year-round comfort within the home
  • Low possibility of emergency breakdown
  • No risk of warranty violation

Have you ever read the fine print of a warranty? Our experts are well versed in the requirement for a model to stay within warranty requirements. Our comfort club members have nothing to worry about as the experts at Furnace Fellas, are fully aware of the warranty requirements.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Furnace Fellas, we stop at nothing to make sure you are completely happy with our work.

Licenced & Insured

Our business is licensed, insured, and bonded in Calgary to ensure you're protected.

What Our Club Members Enjoy!

  • Packages starting as low as $10.99(Heating or Cooling)!
  • One visit per year before the heating or cooling season(based upon the package you select)!
  • Packages for both heating and cooling services!
  • 24 Hour service!
  • 10% off parts!
  • Free Filters!

    Our heating package includes a yearly inspection of your homes a member of the Comfort Club rest assured knowing that you will receive preferential treatment and repair at the time of need. Part of the Comfort Club package is an annual checkup. During this inspection, we will perform all prescribed maintenance by the manufacturer coupled with the maintenance plans we have developed over time. We also perform a flush of your water heater, removing sediment that builds up within the water heater.  This regular maintenance will also extend the lifetime of your home’s heating, cooling, and plumbing systems. By inspecting your home’s systems we can ensure they are running properly and ensure you are not overpaying for energy consumption. With regular checkups, we can also prevent most emergency system failures. Finally and most importantly this maintenance plan will save you the homeowner money on your home’s needs.
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